Watch theft: How to keep your watch from getting stolen?

How to keep your watch from getting stolen?

Unfortunately, luxury watches are of great interest to thieves. Watches are getting stolen in different ways. How do watches get stolen the most and how to prevent watch theft or robbery?


How to keep your watch from getting stolen?

Always be alert for pickpocketing in public places. Try not to show off your watch in crowded places. Never leave your watch unattended. Get a good alarm system at home.

Luxury watches are of great interest to thieves, because it often is a quick crime and with good value. Although stolen watches are sold for a lot less that then market value, even a smaller percentage can still be a lot of money.


How do watches get stolen the most?

To prevent your watch from getting stolen, it is important to know where and how most watches are being stolen. Most ways watches get stolen are:

  • Pickpocketing
  • Robbery
  • Home burglary
  • Theft out of lockers, hotel rooms, …
  • Theft after the watch is lost or forgotten


How to prevent pickpocketing or robbery in the street?

Unfortunately, pickpocketing and robbery on the street happen daily around the globe. There will always be thieves and organized crime gangs who are interested in your luxury watch. This makes people even afraid to wear their watch outside, especially when they already encountered theft before.

Most pickpocketing happens in busy public places, where there is a lot of distraction. Victims often don’t even realize their watch just got stolen. That’s why the first and most important way to prevent pickpocketing is alertness. Be extra careful, keep your eyes open, and maybe try to cover your watch with your sleeve in crowded places.

It is sad to say, but often it is more careful to not show off your watch in busy public places.

How to prevent home burglary?

The best ways to prevent home burglary are decent locks and an alarm system. The more difficult you make it for burglars to break into your home, the higher the chances they will not even try to enter. A clear indication that your house is equipped with an alarm system will also alert burglars to skip your house.

There are many security systems out there available, who are not difficult to set up yourself. Check out this Ring Alarm 8-piece kit (2nd Gen) – home security system on Amazon.


How to prevent other theft?

A lot of watches get stolen after they were lost by the owner or because of carelessness. Never leave your watch unattended. When you take off your watch, make it an automatism to remember where you did this, and if it is a safe spot. Close lockers, use the safe in your hotel room, and never be careless.

If you lost your watch or it got stolen read our blogs on what to do. You can list your watch in our database for free.




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