How to locate a stolen or lost watch?

how to locate a lost or stolen watch

There is nothing worse for a proud owner than to get your luxury piece stolen. Although technology would easily allow it, none of these classic watches have a GPS chip in their hardware. It’s rather easy to locate a stolen apple watch, but what with a Rolex Submariner? How can you locate a stolen or lost watch?


How to locate a stolen or lost watch?

First of all, let’s be honest. Locating a stolen or lost watch is very difficult and the chances of a real recovery are not always as high. But, not doing anything at all will assure you that your watch will never be recovered. Therefore it is always better to take as much actions ass possible.

Report the watch with the brand manufacturer and list it with as many “online registers'” as possible to create public awareness around the watch. Most of the time the watch will be located again because of a service with the manufacturer or by the police.


Report the watch everywhere you can

The first step to do when you have had your watch stolen is to report it to as many “organizations'” as possible to create public awareness around the watch. Search for the papers and the serial number of the watch and report the crime or lose to the police, the manufacturer (often it has a private stolen register itself), your insurance company, and online registers.

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Who will find and return my stolen watch?

It’s quite obvious that the people of bad interest (thieves, healers, …) will not have the intentions to report the stolen watch as found or stolen to the police or existing registers. That does not mean that the watch can not turn up sooner or later. It is known that a big part of the stolen watches is worn by the criminals themselves or sold in their close network for a bargain. Very often it’s the police who will find your watch as a coincidence or consequence in a current investigation, for instance during a house search.

Apart from the police, there is also a big interest in registers from buyers in good faith. After all, they are not happy to buy a watch that is reported stolen or has crime written all over it. Being able to do a quick search for the watch in a public watch register will make this a lot easier.

At last, believe it or not, good faith still exists and sometimes a lucky finder of a watch will look it up or report it to the right instances, to return the watch to its rightful owner.



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