Stolen watch

Brand: Rolex
Type: Rolex Oyster Perpetual - automatic; model no.: 76080
Serial number: Y242765
When did the watch got stolen?: 3 March 2023
Year of production: Purchased December 2003

Rolex Oyster Perpetual lady’s watch with bracelet, no distinguishing marks but repaired and serviced twice after damage by Rolex UK (first time on 27/06/2005; second in 2019? not entirely sure of the year). Bought in Goldsmiths, Oxford, UK, by my late husband, J. N. Adams, on 03/12/2003.

Circumstances of theft: As we were landing at Barcelona airport with easyJet flight no. EZY1843 from Manchester UK at about 9.30 local time, I took my watch off to set it to local time and then put it back on my wrist. Then in the airport shuffle bus I looked at my wrist to check the time, and the watch had gone. I immediately retraced my steps back to the plane, but despite a thorough search by both me and the cabin crew, the watch was nowhere to be found. There is no way it could have fallen of my wrist anyway as it was very tight, so the only explanation for its disappearance is (very expert) theft such that I didn’t feel anything at all. I tried to report the loss to the local Spanish police in Barcelona, but as was on a holiday and so I didn’t have the serial number, I was told that they can’t do anything and so there is absolutely no point filing a report.

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